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Archive: Jan 2014

The Continued Growth of Higher Education in the Department of Amazonas, Peru


byMalayna Raftopoulos, ILAS Stipendiary Fellow

The foundation of the National University of Toribio Rodriquez de Mendoza in September 2000 and its subsequent opening in July 2001 marked an important stage in the provision of higher education in the department of Amazonas and its capital Chachapoyas. Nestled in the mountains of the Eastern Cordillera in the department of Amazonas in northern Peru, the Chachapoyan region marks the cultural boundary between Andean highland society and Amazonian lowlanders. Described as the ‘ceja de selva’ (jungle’s eyebrow), this region of Peru has traditionally been neglected by the national government and has remained, due to its rugged terrain and geographical and political isolation, relatively cut off from the rest of the country. Prior to the creation of the University, students from Chachapoyas, as well as the surrounding provinces of Bagua, Bongará, Condorcanqui, Luya, Rodríguez de Mendoza and Utcubamba travelled to the coastal cities of Trujillo, Chiclayo and Lima to continue with their studies. Continue reading →